It’s an orange cauliflower!  I kept seeing them at the farmer’s market and couldn’t resist buying one.

Orange Cauliflower!
Ready to roast!

Here’s the thing…I’ve never actually liked cauliflower.  In fact, it has always been one of my least favorite vegetables.  As I now know, that’s because while growing up it was always served raw.  I still hate raw cauliflower.  But if you roast it, it becomes delicious!  (Actually it’s most delicious when fried, but really, what food isn’t delicious when fried?)

In this case, I ended up making Smitten Kitchen’s cumin seed roasted cauliflower with yogurt, which you should definitely try out if you haven’t already, but now that I’ve been introduced to the wonders of roasted cauliflower, I have all sorts of grand plans for it in the future, most of which involve cheese….